Bowiesexuality isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle.

When I'm trying to cook something new

  • Me: I don't know what I'm doing!! *starts crying*
  • My boyfriend: *takes over* okay fine, I'll do it, stop crying!
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It’s been 8 months since I stopped cutting. Too bad I couldn’t go further than that. Stressed and depressed again. Life will never change..

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we know major tom’s a junkie.
strung out in heavens high, hitting an all time low.
- David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes, 1980.

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Welcome to my blog where I post graphics dedicated to David Bowie. I'm Ashley, 22, Canadian. I make Keep Calm Posters, Gifs, Wallpapers, Confessions, and anything else.
If you have any requests, message me and I'll try to do my best.

Only being attracted to David Bowie or anyone who looks like David Bowie, especially if this person loves or dresses like David Bowie, or both.


WARNING: this is a David Bowie blog so I mostly post David Bowie but once in a while I post Simon Baker and others.
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